Top trainers share 5 home workout routines

Top trainers share 5 home workout routines

You’re traveling. The staff were very friendly and helpful. You’re beyond busy. It’s snowing outside. The staff were very friendly and helpful. And deep down, you know you’ll be not found out on those health-boosting, feel-good vibes, too.

Their foolproof protection solution: working out-right at home. And we found 15 trainers who’ll show you just how easy — and fun-it is to do it. From 20-minute HIIT workouts to 10-minute ab circuits, here are some of the best home workout ideas from the top fitness professionals.

The 5 Best Home Workouts from Top Trainers

1. Kaisa Keranen

Certified trainer and movement coach

No dumbbells? No problem. Here, the Seattle-based sports performance coach shows US how to take your at-home workout to Boiling time with, yup, a cooking pot. From single-leg deadlifts to pistol squats to Russian twists, you’ll fire up your glutes, core, shoulders and arms. Hey, they don’t say six-packs are made in the kitchen for no reason.

2. Alex Silver-Fagan

Trainer and author of get Strong for Women: Lift Heavy, Train Hard, See Results

Silver-FAGAN might be best known for her gritty barbell workouts, but in this at-home flow, we see a soft side to the certified yogi. On your recovery days, get your om on and stretch things out with warrior III, eagle and dancer.

3. Adam Rosante

Trainer and founder of the people’s Bootcamp

Cold time keeping your workouts indoors? It’s no excuse to take a snow day, according to Rosante. Complete with burpees, froggers and spiderman planks, consider this your winter bodyweight burner.

4. Kira Stokes

Celebrity trainer and creator of the Stoked Method

Want to squeeze in a workout while your slow cooker works its magic? “Your kitchen can transform into a gym,” Stokes says. Using the edge of a counter as a “bar,” Stokes shows Fuller House star Candace Bure how to do knee pulses and tricep push-ups. For bicep curls and shoulder presses, get creative and hold onto something heavy, like bottles of wine (no sips between sets, please!).

5. Harley Pasternak

Celebrity trainer

No ab muscle goes untouched in this total-ab circuit. From your slashes (spider planks) to your low abs (pike planks), follow Pasternak’s lead to ignite every inch of your core.

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