Written By Anjali Goel

Do you ever feel sleepy in the afternoon? Are you also one of those who constantly yawns in
the afternoon? The one who wants to cuddle with the bed as soon as the clock hits 12 PM? You
get so sleepy that you have to grab a cup of strong coffee or some sugary items to feel
energetic. We have all been through that sometimes, right? But have you ever wondered why it
happens? Let’s find out.

To be safe from this afternoon slump, it is important to know about why this happens. The
reasons that can be behind your sleepy-head afternoon brain can be –
Stress is one of the main reasons for tiredness and a distracted brain. Stress causes
anxiety and various other mental health issues. These issues affect the number of hours
you sleep during night. Either for way too long or way too less. A stressed person feels
sleepy and tired even after sleeping for 10+ hours.
Diet affects everything, even your sleep. Consuming unhealthy meals can be the cause
of your midday crash. A diet that is less in carbs can hamper your energy levels. This
causes lethargy and continuous yawning in the middle of a jam packed day that we all
hate. Other reasons can be consuming too much caffeine, filling your tummy with sugary
substances and long gaps between your meals.
We sometimes forget to keep ourselves hydrated because of our busy schedules.
Dehydration affects our body’s energy levels. It hampers the normal functions of our
body. When this happens, our inner systems have to work hard to maintain this normal
functioning. This takes a lot of energy. Low energy levels lead to fatigue and sleepiness.


Sitting in one position for a long time makes you lethargic. Your body gets comfortable in
that position which eventually leads to sleepy behaviour.
Getting up from your couch or your cabin and taking a 5-10 minute walk makes your
body and mind alert all over again. It allows the blood to flow through your body. Blood
wakes up the cells and you feel energetic.
But if you are in an office, you can take breaks very often. You have to find a solution to
get rid of the sleep by sitting in that chair. Sitting in an alert position with your spine
straight keeps your body and mind in place. You can also use a fidget spinner as it helps
in focusing. Moving your legs also keeps you awake and attentive.
Music affects your hormonal levels. It can cheer you up in no time. That’s why it is on our
list to kill your afternoon tiredness.
Feeling sleepy at work can be a risky thing. It can reduce your productivity and focus.
Your boss will take no time to fire you. That’s where some headbanging music can be a
good choice. Upbeat music increases the level of happy hormones in your body. These
hormones will flow through your sleepy body. This will not only wake up your mind and
body but will also cheer you up. It will bring your focus back to work.
Light plays with the Circadian Rhythm. Circadian Rhythm can be termed as your bodys
internal clock. This clock transmits signals to your mind related to alertness and rest.
Light also affects the production of melatonin, an essential sleep-promoting hormone.
Bright light lightens up your mood too. It has a positive effect on your sleepy mind. The
best type of light out there is none other than sunlight.
Sunlight brightens the mood and wakes up your body and mind. This resets your focus.
Sunlight is a proven solution to increase alertness and energy levels.
Sometimes the only thing that can save you from an afternoon sleepy head is a power
nap. It can last for 10-15 minutes. Be strict with the timing as more than 10-15 minutes of
sleep will make you more lethargic.
If you are at your workspace, you can steal a power nap during your lunch break or if
you have an office of your own, close the door, rest your head and dive into a deep
sleep. That’s what your body wanted, right? You can also sleep in your car if your office

has space issues. But don’t forget to set an alarm as excessive sleep at a workplace can
put you in danger.
Boredom can be one of the reasons for you feeling sleepy. It can arise because of lack
of work, or a boring excel sheet to fill at your workplace.
This boredom can fly away with an interesting chit chat with your best friend or a co-
worker. Try to get up from your cabin and talk with your office pals. Gossip can light up
the brain in no time. Yes, those water cooler chit-chats are really effective. If you don't
have a co-worker around or you are at your home, you can video call one of your friends
or anyone you are close to. But don’t forget that the aim is to video call and not chat, as
people chat in comfortable positions. This makes their body comfortable which leads to
A Mid-day crash is normal. It happens with everyone. Its a scientific thing. But, one has to work
in the afternoon. That’s where all these above mentioned tips play their role. Other proven ways
can be a cup of strong coffee, an energy drink, stretching or even a 5 minute workout. We hope
you found this article helpful.

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