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Finding a personal trainer that matches your personality, who’s understanding and is eager to teach you in a friendly manner can be a hectic job. If you don’t have knowledge of fitness and you won’t choose a good trainer initially, your body will face consequences. Even the chances of injury increases if one doesn’t perform the exercises properly. That is why choosing a good trainer is really important. 


But how to pick the trainer who’s right for you? It can be an easy question if you have some tips for finding the trainer who’ll lead you to achieve the body you want to achieve. Some basic points to keep in mind while choosing a trainer are –



Talking can solve a lot of problems. It can stop fights, make bonds and is the perfect way to get to know somebody. Same applies for choosing a Personal Trainer (PT). 


Plan an appointment with the trainer. Talk to him/her about all the necessary stuff such as his education, his experience, what is his style of working etc. 


Education in the necessary fields is a plus point. It can tell if the trainer is doing fitness passionately or just as a side gig to earn some extra money. Of course, one who is doing it with passion will have extra knowledge as compared to someone who does it to earn some extra notes. Experience matters here too, as in any other field nowadays. A PT doing it for a good number of years will be able to provide better training. 



The trainer must have other clients too. Ask him/her about them. It’ll be great if you get the contact numbers of one or two or meet them in real life. 


After meeting those clients, you can ask them about the trainer. Because, come on, it’s 2021, anyone can lie nowadays. His/her clients will work as a feedback system. It’s just like knowing the teaching style of a teacher through the feedback of his students. 


Use that feedback to choose a good trainer that will match your expectations. 



As the heading says, money matters, right? Your budget will decide whether some particular PT is pocket friendly for you or not. 


Personal Trainers charge hefty amounts of fees. Well, they deserve that money as they provide personal training to you. But you’ll only be able to choose the trainer whom you can afford. 


Ask the trainer about his fees. Is he charging the right amount of money for his experience and education? If the trainer is charging too much, of course it’ll be a major drawback. 



You’ll have some goals to achieve when you decide to go for personal training, right? What are those goals? Is it weight training, losing some extra pounds or gaining weight to feel more confident? Whatever those goals are, share them with your trainer. 


Some trainers also specialise in certain areas. Choosing a trainer who specialises in the area of your goals can be a wise choice. Also, share your goals with your trainer. Tell him exactly what you want. Don’t hesitate. It’ll make it easy for both of you to decide whether you’ll work with each other or not. 

  • VIBE


Vibe matters too. If you don’t feel like a particular person is matching your vibe, why would you want to associate with them, right? Same goes for your personal trainer. 


Yes, you should build a professional relationship with your trainer, but too much professionalism makes the communication stringent. It can hamper a healthy conversation between you and your trainer. By healthy conversation, it means you’ll pull yourself back while asking doubts or while pointing out the mistakes you find in your trainer’s teachings. Choose a trainer who is eager to build a friendly relationship with you. 


Get to know your trainer. Put efforts by your side too. Build an out-of-the-work relationship with your trainer. This will make both of you comfortable with each other. The process of learning will be easier this way. 



Motivation is really important. Without regular motivation, one can’t achieve his/her goals.Your fitness goals require regular motivation too. 


This is one of the keypoint you should find in your trainer. Personality of the person is really important. Yes, the fire comes from within you but your trainer should be able to light it whenever required. He or she must supply you with dosages of motivation whenever you need it the most. 


A personal trainer is a must if you are just starting your fitness journey and you don’t know anything about it. Everyone needs to learn first before putting anything into application. This is not it, PT has a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits are – 


  1. Improvement in training and form – With proper knowledge, one will be able to do those sets with proper form and your training sessions will show improvement. 


  1. Addition of speed in your fitness journey- With the proper amount of knowledge and guidance, you’ll be able to reach your goals in a short span of time.


  1. Reduction in the chances of injury – Your trainer will teach you proper ways to perform various exercises.


  1. Personalised training plans – A trainer will make plans, sets and reps especially for you which will be based on your needs and weaknesses.


  1. Mental Training – A good trainer won’t just provide you with physical training, but he or she will also prepare you mentally to achieve your goals.


We hope you found this article helpful. 

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