What is The Meal planning

meal planning

When planning your meals, don’t buy foods you don’t need. That’s because you look at the recipes you’ve been using, see what’s on offer, and know what ingredients you already have in your pantry. Then create your shopping list for just what you need.

Guide To Meal Plan

Purchase Ingredients That Can Be Used In More Than One Meal.

food ingredients

Does your pasta need a handful of fresh spinach on Monday night? Do not  waste the rest material. Schedule a spinach salad later in the week.

Check Your Schedule.

make your schedule

Your meal plan should coincide with your schedule. So take a look at what to expect and plan ahead. You may need to double down on a recipe to feed a crowd this week or whip up a quick meal for those nights when you need to take the kids from soccer practice to reading book.

Check Your Pantry, Refrigerator And Freezer

check your pantry

If something is about to expire, use it before it breaks! Also, add some of what you already have on this week’s menu. You’ll save money on your pantry and refrigerator purchases, and keep perfectly ripe vegetables from ending up in the trash, which is a total waste of money and food.

Be Honest About How Much You Want To Cook

cook the food

If you know that after-work drinks always end with dinner, don’t plan on baking lasagna that night. When you know they only have time to make PB&J together for lunch, wait another week to buy the ingredients for the tacos and stock up on bread and peanut butter.

Look For Sales Advertisements And Coupons

food advertisement

This is an important step in saving money by learning how to plan meals. Yes, it takes a while to go through the sales listings and find coupons, but it’s definitely worth it! So go online or download your supermarket app. Plan your meat and fresh produce purchases around these discounts, otherwise they can be very expensive.

Enjoy More Vegetarian Food

vegetarian food

Not only does a vegetarian diet have many health benefits, it saves a lot of money, too! A vegetarian spends at least $ 750 less on groceries each year than a carnivore. If you simply swap out meat dishes for a few meatless meals each week, you will see a difference in your monthly expenses. Read our tips on eating less meat to learn more about making delicious vegetarian meals.

Check Your Budget.

daily budget

In fairness, you should do this step at the beginning and end of each meal planning cycle. If it helps, break your monthly supermarket budget into weeks. For example, if you spend $ 1000 a month on your family, that’s about $ 250 a week. Plan your meals to stay below this amount. Then keep this grocery bill within your budget at the checkout! So you know exactly where you are from week to week.

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