Written By Anjali Goel

Before starting a fitness routine, you must have felt that fire in you. The energy, the passion, and the hunger to achieve it. A lot of reasons can push you to make a fitness regime and follow it deep heartedly. But why does that fire disappear after some time?


You must have felt those waves of demotivation during your fitness journey. The willingness dies. The fire goes out. And you go back to your past unhealthy routines. Just like there are several reasons to start a fitness regime, there can be some to end it too. This article will focus on the ways to keep yourself pumped up throughout your journey. 


Some changes in your routine mixed with some tips and tricks can provide you with regular motivation to get you going. A few of them are as follows –



Nobody is interested in doing anything boring. A book, tv series, an office meeting, anything that doesn’t excite you, you won’t actively participate in it, right? Same goes for your fitness sessions. You have to make them fun in order to stay motivated. 


You can join fitness classes. They plan their workout sessions in a manner that makes it more engaging. It will be a really good choice to have like minded people around you. It will also build competitiveness in you to do better. 



A change is necessary. Doing the regular stuff everyday can bum you out. This rule applies for your workout schedule too. 


Change the location of your workout once in a while. If you go to the gym, obviously you can’t change the location. But you can definitely change the route of your morning walk. Seeing a new environment can excite you to go for an extra step. Even changing the playlist you listen to can be a good change to light that fire again. 



You must have entered the fitness world due to some reasons, right? What are those reasons? Is it because someone made a comment on your overweight or underweight? Or those tight jeans aren’t fitting anymore? Or you want to feel good about yourself?


Remind yourself the reasons that made you hit the gym and lift those heavy weights. This should be your daily ritual before entering the gym or before wearing those running shoes. 



Who hates prizes? No one, right? Remember that feeling when your parents gave you those chocolates when you scored good in school? Or that new bike when you topped the college? Everyone loves those rewards. 


Reward yourself while following your fitness regime too. A little greediness is good. It can push you to go further. Promise yourself that if you’ll perform well this month, you’ll buy that pair of gym gear you always wanted to have, or that new headphones or even a nice cheat day. 



You need to be mentally strong to achieve your goals. Fitness goals are hard. They get harder everyday. The bar of variations in exercises increases as you get closer to your goals. This demands for stronger willpower and mental preparation. 


You have to do this regularly too. All the pain and suffering will be worth it, but you have to be mentally strong to get through them. 



Tracking your progress can be a really good motivator. Those numbers will pump you up. They will also tell you if you’re going in the right direction or not. 


So, check your weight on a daily basis if it has increased or decreased. Based on your goals, those numbers will provide you motivation. It will give you the satisfaction of coming this far. You can turn this satisfaction into motivation and move forwards. 



When you scored less grades in your school, there were some consequences to it. Either your parents scolded you or you felt that guilt of failing the class. The fear or the pain made you do better. This rule of consequences can be applied to your fitness regime too. 


Give up something you love doing when you don’t hit the gym because you were lazy. Maybe give your playstation to your friend and tell him/her to not return it unless you reach your goal. This can be a really good mental hack that can help you to get going. 



Self talks are necessary. It allows you to be your own motivator. Research says that when a 2nd person gives you a pep talk, it motivates you most. But it is somewhere impossible to have a personal motivator with yourself all the time. However, you can always talk to yourself by standing in front of the mirror by thinking that the person standing behind the mirror is a whole new person. 


Be your own motivator. Make the person in front of you realise why he or she is doing it in the first place. What are his/her reasons? Give that image a real good pep talk. 




One of the reasons that you are feeling less motivated to continue your Fitness Journey can be the lack of competitiveness or support. A workout buddy can help here. 


Spending time with like minded people, who share the same goals as you can push you towards your goals. A training partner will do the same. Have you ever noticed how long walks with a friend don’t seem hectic? Same will happen with your buddy. He or she will add that fun element that we discussed in the 1st point. 


Being fit is hard. Tiring fitness sessions can demotivate anyone to quit. Two or three cheat days in a month are fine. But more than that can lead you to your earlier self destructive routines. Trying out ways of keeping yourself motivated that works for you is an important part of the fitness journey. We hope you found this article helpful.

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