Written By Anjali Goel

Fitness is important, no matter what your age bar is. Once after hitting puberty, attaining a basic fitness level is necessary. Being healthy and fit pays off in a large number of benefits even in your old age. But adopting a fitness regime can be a difficult job.


Senior citizens experience a large number of physical problems that make the body immobile. Even thinking about flexing, stretching or picking weights can make your body ache. Then how can an old citizen start exercising for the betterment of their body? The only thing required is your will to do so. Anything can be achieved after you make up your mind and start going into that direction. Here are some tips that’ll help your grandparents, parents or even yourself, if you are a senior citizen, to achieve your desired fitness goals –


Get Up From The Couch


The first step to achieve something is to get up. And that’s why our first point of this list is to get up from your couch. We know that old age can make you a little lethargic. And that’s completely fine. Body tends to lose its energy as we grow.


Try to get up and go for a walk in nature. Take a bag along with you to visit the grocery store. Even a small amount of walking will do the work. The basic purpose is to make your body familiar with being mobile. If you find it difficult to step outside the house, try getting up and roaming around your house for a few minutes. You can also go to the terrace and have some fresh air as you walk around. You can choose what’s suitable for you as per your body’s ability, just try to leave the bed or couch and move.


Start Slow, Go Far


Slow and steady wins the race. This applies for every field of life, even before choosing a fitness regime.


Bodies of senior citizens are vulnerable to injuries. This is because of their old age, body deformities and the immobility caused by lack of physical training. That’s why, it is advised to senior citizens to first check a fitness regime. Do the exercise for a few days, if it’s putting a toll on your body, then avoid it. Also, starting anything with high motivation can lead to burnout in the end. Going slowly and consistent is an effective plan to remove the possibility of burning out.


Know your limits


As we get older, our body sets limits for us. These limitations are increased as the double-digit numbers of our age are increased. It’s important to be aware of these limitations and act accordingly.


Keep in mind the various issues you must be suffering from because of your age. Is it joint pain? Or arthritis? Or difficulty in walking without taking help of a support? If you have such body problems, take them into consideration while performing various physical activities. Try an exercise with your body and see how the body reacts to it. If it ignites pain, stop doing it. You can also consult a nutritionist or simply your family doctor before starting any fitness regime.


Stretching and Flexibility


Old age makes the joints and limbs stiff. This stiffness doesn’t allow you to move freely. Also, it makes your joints and limbs vulnerable to their respective issues. That’s why, it is advised to stretch and flex as much as your body allows you.


Stretching exercises will increase the overall flexibility of your body. It will help in removing the stiffness from your immobile body that’ll make it ready to adopt various fitness exercises. Also, stretching before and after the exercises is necessary too. As doing stretching before the exercise reduces the chances of injury and performing it after the exercises decreases the soreness from muscles. Yoga can be beneficial too. The whole idea of yoga is to promote stretching and internal peace and clarity. So, you can also perform various yogic asanas to keep yourself flexible.


Workout buddy


Can’t get yourself to get out of bed? Or do you feel like giving up already? Are you lacking motivation and determination? Well, everyone experiences this from time to time. However, there’s one simple solution to it.


Try working out with a person that you trust. It is believed that if you work-out with a partner, you are more likely to stay dedicated to your fitness goals. There’s no specific criteria that needs to be fulfilled by your partner, it can be anyone, be it your spouse, children, relative, friend or even your society acquaintance. The main thing should be that they share the same goals as you. However, it is advised to choose a partner who has a better fitness level than you. This can motivate you to do better and can significantly increase your workout time period.




John Wick is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will. That’s who you have to be, an older version of John Wick. Adopt his characteristic trait of having ‘sheer will’ and never lose hope in between your fitness journey.


Commit to your goals. Even if it seems far, do it. Yes, there will be obstacles. Your body is not how it used to be and becomes tired easily. It doesn’t go to that level of extents as compared to the time when you were younger. Accept this and keep going. It will take some time to make exercising a habit, but once your body adapts to it, the benefits will be satisfying enough to forget about the struggles you made to reach that point.


Old age is risky to try out a fitness regime. But that doesn’t mean that you are bound to avoid it. With proper ways, tips and guidance, you can try out a minimal level of training, that’ll be enough at your age to keep yourself going. Along with your planned training schedule, you can try out the above mentioned tips to yield better results. We hope you found the article helpful.

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