Written By Anjali Goel

Rest is as important as productivity. If you don’t charge your phone, it’ll shut down. Same goes for your body. A sound sleep resets your body and mind. It prepares you for the grind. 


But, there’s a difference between just sleeping and sleeping properly. Deep sleep is what benefits your body the most.




An adult needs approximately 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. But the quality of sleep matters more than its quantity. That’s where deep sleep plays it’s part. Deep sleep is when your body and mind waves slow down. 


Sleep occurs in stages. It is divided into two categories – Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep and Non-Rapid Eye (REM) and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep.


Non-REM Sleep lasts for several minutes after you lie down to sleep. This is the stage when your body and mind goes through from being awake to asleep. It lasts for around 90 minutes. In this stage your body functions such as heartbeat, respiration starts slowing down and reaches the slowest and your mind waves also slows down.


REM Sleep occurs after those 90 minutes. As its name suggests, the eye movement is very rapid in this stage. They move side by side. Your heartbeat and brain activity increases and becomes equal to your wakeful state. This stage is where the dreaming occurs. Your breathing becomes heavy too.




Sleep is important but deeper sleep is where the good stuff happens. It can be achieved by making some changes in your day to day activities. Some of the tips to achieve deeper sleep are –



Light affects a lot of things inside the human body including Circadian Rhythm, Melatonin Hormone and Sleep Cycle. Circadian rhythm is the body’s natural clock and melatonin is a hormone associated with sleep. 


Exposure to light tells a lot to the human body. When light enters the eye, certain types of cells in the retina tell the brain what time of the day it is. The brain then sends signals throughout the body related to organ control and other functions of the body. Various body functions are then carried out according to the time of the day.


By regulating the light exposure, one can achieve deep sleep. One should try to sleep in as pitch dark of a room as possible. Even a little amount of light will affect your sleep cycle. Keeping smartphones away for an hour before going to bed is a great idea. 



People consume caffeine to stay awake and keep their body energized. It plays with the body’s hormonal levels to keep your eyes open artificially. A study shows that by drinking caffeine 7 hours within the time before going to bed can reduce the amount of sleep by 1 hour!


After consuming caffeine, the stomach and small intestine absorb it and distribute it throughout the body. The caffeine then reaches the brain. Inside the brain, it blocks the Adenosine Receptors that are responsible for promoting sleep. Caffeine also affects the Circadian Rhythm (body’s natural sleep cycle). 


By avoiding caffeine 7-8 hours before bedtime, one can achieve deep sleep. 



Your body is flexible. It’ll absorb whatever the routine you’ll serve it. This goes for your sleep cycle too.


Irregular sleeping hours can cause a lot of harm to your deep sleep. Your Circadian Rhythm will be unable to process your sleep timings as they will change regularly. Also, irregular sleep timings have other bad health effects too such as depression, hypertension, high blood pressure and other eye-related issues. 


Regular bedtime will keep your Circadian Rhythm in place and your melatonin hormonal production will not be hampered. This will lead to a deeper sleep. 



Music affects your body, mind and hormonal levels. It brings out various emotions through the production of different hormones responsible for those emotions. Similarly, music can help you achieve deep sleep too.


Music relaxes your body. It can help boost the quality and quantity of sleep. It helps people of all ages i.e. from toddlers to old-timers. The benefits may not happen overnight but it definitely pays off. Music releases feel good chemicals in your body that relaxes

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