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In the era of social media and virtual experiences, it has become our nature to follow and copy the actions of the people surrounding us in order to fit in. These spikes of interest of people in similar things at the same time are often termed as fads or trends. Trends usually come and fade away with time, while some trends don’t. 


Health and fitness trends have been mainstream lately. People are becoming more and more conscious about their physical and mental health. It is a step towards a better future and is gaining more and more recognition by today’s youth. Here are some of the most beneficial health and fitness trends that didn’t fade away with time : 


  • Mindful Breathing


It is just as simple as it sounds. Mindful breathing is nothing but paying attention to your breaths, being aware of your body and its movements, noticing the flow of air inside your lungs with each inhale and then imagining that all the negative thoughts are leaving your body with each exhale. 


There are various techniques to practice mindful breathing. One of the most popular amongst them is the 4-7-8 breathing technique. To begin with, find a calm and distraction-free environment. You can either sit or lay down, the goal here is to make yourself feel comfortable. Relax your body, i.e., relieve those tensed shoulder muscles and your jaw muscles. You can choose if you want to keep your eyes open or not. Now, inhale through your nose while counting upto 4 (or 4 seconds). Hold your breath for a count of 7(or 7 seconds). Now slowly exhale through your nose while counting upto 8(or 8 seconds). Repeat this process for at least 15 minutes a day. 


You can also practice this while you’re feeling stressed or anxious. It releases endorphins and reduces the cortisol levels, thus reducing stress or anxiety and instilling a feeling of relaxation. It can also help in reducing the blood pressure, regulating the pulse rate, improving the diabetic symptoms and managing chronic pain.


  • Wearable Technology


A fitness tracker is really effective. It is a device that uses sensors to track your orientation, movement, and rotation. It calculates your steps, calories and general activity you perform during a day. Some even calculate the number of stairs you climb.


A fitness band also has alarms that reminds you about different healthy routines such as drinking enough water, burning enough calories, walking or running enough miles, and sleeping on time. 


For fitness enthusiasts, these gadgets are extremely beneficial (and a good gift too in case you are looking for a birthday gift for your fitness enthusiastic friend). It has several benefits such as keeping a track of your progress, having a personal trainer with you 24/7, setting achievable goals, providing motivation to keep yourself fit and healthy, improving your sleep cycle, and with these, weight loss/gain becomes an easy job. 


  • Veganism


One can achieve his/her fitness goals through veganism. It’s a myth that a pure vegan diet isn’t effective when it comes to serious fitness. Even research shows that vegan diets can improve your fitness too. 


Protein we get from vegan food is non-acidic as compared to the protein from meat that is acidic in nature. Acidic protein causes several negative effects on health such as calcium and bone density. Vegetarian food is light. Your body will feel less bloated or heavy after consuming plant based vegetarian food. It is also easy to digest. 


While consuming healthy vegan food, it is necessary to check the intake of calories as it’s caloric value is low. It is important to take complex carbohydrates in a vegetarian diet such as potatoes, grains, beans and nuts. For people doing fitness training, calories are important to consume, burn and re-consume. 


  • Meatless meat


The rise of demand in the market of meatless meat is insane. Over 79 million Americans used meat alternatives in 2019, and this figure was projected to increase to 80.22 million in 2023. But, what is meatless meat?


As its name suggests, Meatless Meat is Vegetarian or plant-based Meat. With the exact same texture, colour and taste, it is hard to differentiate vegetarian meat from real meat. The most positive thing about this meat is that no animal has to sacrifice his/her life in order to satisfy the taste buds of the human tongue. It even has the same amount of nutrients as compared to animal meat. 


It is made from a number of things that resemble meat such as plant based proteins, soy, potato protein, pea protein, mung bean protein and even rice protein. The exact same flavour is given with the help of yeast extract. The fats are added with the help of oils like coconut, sunflower or canola. For tongues that can’t resist the hunger of meat, meatless meat is a good option. 


  • High intensity interval training


Since the onset of the ongoing pandemic, we are advised to stay at home all day unless required otherwise. In this new world, fitness has vanished somewhere from our day to day life. Days are spent sitting on the bed the whole day with a laptop screen in front of us. This impacts your health in a negative way.


In this busy schedule, a fitness regime is much needed that will give high results in less time. That’s where High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) plays its part. HIIT is a type of cardiovascular exercise that includes short periods of anaerobic exercise combined with recovery periods of aerobic exercise. 


The time period of HIIT is not bound but it is advised to divide the exercise routine into 20-30 seconds of anaerobic exercise and about 1-2 minutes of aerobic exercises to regain energy in between the high-intensity bursts. You can perform HIIT until your body goes out of energy. This regime is a scientifically proven method to bring out positive results in less time such as weight loss, muscle gain and increased metabolism. 


Keeping up with the ongoing trends can be exhausting sometimes, but trends which have a positive effect on your health and life are a must to follow. We hope that you found this article helpful. 


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